Sugar Free Sweetener Not So Sweet For Your Pet

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labrador-friends-of-the-south-sugar-free-gum-killerXylitol is a natural, sugarfree sweetener commonly found in many chewing gums, mints, foods (e.g., pudding and gelatin snacks, etc.)

This Little one ate some of her mom’s sugar-free gum today…. Luna is an 11 week old Jack Russel Chihuahua and likes to eat everything……  Her mom rushed her to San Juan Animal Hospital and we immediately induced vomiting and treated her with ToxiBan Activated Charcoal for Effective Adsorption of Ingested Poisons. This is not something your pet wants to go through. Luna will be monitored by her mother at home and will need to follow up with some lab work to check her kidney values in a week… We wish her the best…… #petpoison #petemergency #sugarlessgum #sanjuanvets #veterinarian #jackrusselpup #petcare


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