Lost Her Way…

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As I was leaving work today, San Juan Animal Hospital, I pulled out onto San Juan Ave, when I saw this small chihuahua crossing the busy intersection… I pulled over and got out of my car the little thing started running. I knew this was not good as it darted around me so scared and wanting to nip at me. A few people from the auto shop tried to help me catch her in fear she would be hit by a car, it kept getting away.. Back in my car trying to get ahead of it in the street when another car stopped to help me. It was a lady and her daughter, they had seen the small baby at the gas station and where looking to catch it also. A co-worker, Kellie Carter also leaving the veterinary office saw me running down the road and stopped to help. After about 10 min, I remembered I had a towel in the back of my car so we made this big cricle and the younger girl maneuvered it towards us. I then threw the towel over it and scooped it up…. This baby was over heated and affraid, but we were so exicted that we saved its little lost butt…. I’m sorry I didn’t get the names of the lady and her daughter, but I want to thank them and Kellie Carter

I drove around and asked a few people in the neighborhood but no one recognized this baby. I drove back to San Juan Animal Hospital set it up with food, water and a nice bed for the night. So, if you are missing a small chihuahua in the Lakeshore area contact San Juan Animal Hospital 4519 San Juan Ave Jacksonville,Fl 904-389-7696.                              

San Juan Veterinarians will look it over and scan to see if microchipped.

I don’t normally call my fur-babies an it, I just don’t want to give out to much information so It gets back home.
Please Share…. Will update when owner is found….

Carol Turner 🐾

Updated Picture

Not Microchipped

FullSizeRender (9)me & chi chi

UPDATE: May 6, 2017

Reunited with her owner!!!!!  Thanks everyone who shared her story, her family was able to find her and take her back home……


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